Visits & Donations

Dear visitors!

Garland Hall children’s home will receive every visitor with open arms. They have had over a hundred visitors during the last years. Many groups have been there as well and the children always enjoy getting to know so many interesting people from all over the world. Visitors and donors play an important role in the development of the place and the children living there.

If you want to visit the children’s home, you are certainly more than welcome.
Please help to make your visit as useful as possible by calling ahead or sending an email in advance so that Mrs. Smith can plan ahead. This helps to make sure that there are no two groups there at the same time. Moreover since a sponsor provides them with an additional teacher (Saturday afternoons), the staff wants to make sure that during these important hours the children are not interrupted and can focus on their studies. This is why they kindly ask you to call or write (click here) in advance.


The staff members and the children of Garland Hall Children’s Home are very thankful for everyone who has already given or is willing to give something to help to improve the lives of the children. They are thankful for every donation, no matter if it is money or gifts, and they will make sure that they use them with great respect.

Depending on prior donations, sometimes certain things are there in a big quantity (like toothbrushes for example at the moment), some other things would be very helpful.

If you want to, you can always call ahead or write to make sure, the items you bring will be more than useful.