This page is a private webpage run by Stefan Greth. I am a former voluteer that spent a lot of time at the orphanage starting 2013 and came back 4 times so far to follow up on the improvements.

The content of this webpage is about the Garland Hall Children’s Home. I hope to keep those who have been here before a little bit up-to-date what happens here and to help those who have never been here before to get an impression about the home.

The content of the webpage and all posts and pictures were prepared or accomplished by me, Stefan Greth, in my personal capacity. The opinions expressed in any article or on any page are my own and do not reflect the view of the Garland Hall Children’s Home, the Board of Directors or the management of the home.

During my first stay I installed the computers there, set up the webpage & email, and bought the fax machine, in order to make it easier for people like you and me to contact the orphanage. So far it has been a big success, normally several people send messages per week using this webpage. This makes me very proud.

Till today I still maintain the computers, the webpage and the email system all year round.

All emails that you send over the webpage will go directly to Mrs. Smith, the head of the children’s home. She will be the person who answers as well. The staff members of the home are new to the internet and email. Therefor in few cases when they need technical help I might assist them with accessing the emails. So technically it is possible for me to access the emails as well, since I set up the system and know the passwords.

If you want to send sensitive or private data to the home, please do so by normal mail, fax or ask the staff to give you the contact data of a member of the Board of Directors.

In case you want to contact me directly, please use my private email:

First Name: Stefan

Last Name: Greth

Email: My email address is jamaica@my first name, followed by a hyphen (‘-’) and then my last name and a ‘.de’ at the end. No blanks anywhere, all small letters.



Stefan Greth, Germany